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Imagine if you knew the things that can, and do, happen to women during labour, childbirth and early motherhood… before you had your baby.

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Learn the Top 3 untold truths about labour, childbirth and early motherhood that
1000 mums wish they knew before they became mothers.


I Wish Someone Had Told Me… reveals the 195 unspoken truths about labour, childbirth and early motherhood, that 1000 mothers want you to know before you have your baby.

“Life changing! This book should be mandatory reading for all expectant mothers. 5 STARS” – Kate N.

When a baby is born, a mother is born!
However, the mother is often completely overlooked in the whole birthing and postpartum process.

Newsflash! A woman is transformed when she becomes a mother. This is known as matrescence.

Imagine if you knew all the things that can, and do, happen to women during labour, childbirth and early matrescence…
How prepared and empowered would you feel?


I Wish Someone Had Told Me… does just that. It prepares and empowers you so you can enter motherhood on the front foot!
This book shares 195 unspoken truths about what happens to YOU (not your baby!) during labour, childbirth and early motherhood. Information 1000 mothers, from around the world, want you to have before you give birth.

Because some things in labour, childbirth and early motherhood are just too gross, embarrassing or personal to share, many mums don’t find out the truth until they go through it themselves.


I Wish Someone Had Told Me… is the best baby shower gift. It is the baby book you must read. Packed with 195 honest, medically- and factually-correct, unspoken truths, it openly shares all the things nobody likes to talk about, but every expectant mum must know, so she can enter motherhood on the front foot.


Giving birth is the first step in your journey of motherhood.
Prepare yourself and enter motherhood ready and empowered


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Hi, I’m Dr Jen!

Mother of three, PhD-qualified Neuroscientist, PSychotherapist. meditation teacher,  Matrescence researcher, author of the best-selling book I Wish Someone Had Told Me… and HOST OF the top-rating podcast Mama, unleashed!

I have been researching neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to modify, change and adapt itself in both structure and function, as a result of our experiences and actions – for over 20 years.

Initially largely on a micro level in medical research (I have a PhD in neuroscience), and in the last decade mostly on a macro level and in private practice with mothers and mums to-be (I also have a degree in Psychotherapy).

Specifically, I look at how matrescence – the developmental transition a woman goes through when she becomes a mother – affects a mother’s brain and mind, and how we can use this life-changing transformation to our advantage, by intentionally and simply training our brain to create a motherhood life we thrive in.

I didn’t deliberately set out on this path. It was something that I unintentionally developed when I was strugglingly indescribably after I had my third baby. I was desperate for a solution to feel happier in motherhood.

It was through my research and transition from struggling in motherhood to thriving that I realised: when we become mothers the changes (including the brain changes) are massive. Yet we are not taught this. We are not taught that these changes will affect us profoundly on a neuropsychobiological level, and will therefore affect our wellbeing and our whole life. 

I researched and wrote I Wish Someone Had Told Me… because giving birth is the first step in our transition into motherhood. It is where the changes begin, and it all cascades down from there.
If we are prepared, informed and empowered when we give birth, we are automatically entering motherhood on the front foot, ready to thrive as a mother. 

You are about to embark on an incredible journey of love, life and self-discovery. I hope this E-Book will support you in gathering the knowledge that empowers you to have a wonderful birth experience and start into motherhood. 

You are not alone. 


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Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson holds a PhD in Medicine (Neuroscience and Pharmacology) and BSc (Hons I) from the University of Sydney, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy from Auckland University of Technology. Since 2021 she is also an accredited meditation teacher.


Get the Top 3 unspoken truths mums want you to know before you have your baby. 

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