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Support your female employees to thrive during postpartum and menopause


Women are usually at the peak of their career when they enter the menopause transition (generally sometime between late-30s to mid-50s).


Lasting up to 10 years, the menopause transition can be an extremely challenging time for women.

  • 83% of menopausal women are affected at work.
  • 70% DO NOT feel comfortable speaking with their manager about it.
  • Most women don’t know how they can support themselves through it.

45% of women consider early retirement or an extended break from work when going through menopause, which impacts not only the woman, but also her team and your organisation.

I know you want to help your female employees thrive and remain at your organisation longer. I want that too.


Here is how I can help:

Postpartum and menopause are similar neuroendocrine (brain and hormone) transitions that affect the whole woman. That is why all of my work is also available tailored for pregnant/postpartum parents and team leaders.

Science-Backed Presentations

Science-backed presentations on how menopause and/or postpartum impact a woman’s brain, mind and body and how women can support themselves, and employers and managers can support female employees, through these transitions.

The aim of my presentations is to inform and empower, both menopausal women, women nearing menopause (these are generally women aged from their mid-30s to mid-50s), and the people they work with. e.g. managers, with education and tools.

Key topics include:

  • The science of menopause, in particular the neuroscience
  • How menopause manifests and feels, and why it is different for every woman
  • Harnessing the golden window of opportunity that menopause unlocks to use the brain’s adaptability (neuroplasticity) to increase mental well-being and thrive at work and in life.
  • The overlap of menopause with postpartum, which is a very likely reality for women who have children later in their life.

NB: Postpartum and menopause are similar neuroendocrine (brain and hormone) transitions. All topics in my presentations are also available tailored for pregnant/postpartum parents and team leaders.

Small Group Training

A whopping 70% of working menopausal women DO NOT feel comfortable disclosing or speaking about their menopause experience with their manager.

My small group training is for executive menopausal women.
It is a supportive, discreet space for women to:

  • share their lived menopause experience.
  • delve deeper into menopause neuroscience and how this is applicable to their unique experience, and
  • learn evidence-based, individualised tools to thrive during their menopause transition, at work and in life.


A staggering 45% of menopausal women consider leaving the workplace or taking extended leave. These are women at the peak of their career, who are generally caught unaware by menopause, its extensive range of symptoms and how these symptoms impact their daily life.

As a brain specialist and postpartum and menopause expert I am driven to help you educate, support and retain your female employees. I consult to HR and talent professionals, executive coaches and health professionals.


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