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Science-backed education and training to better support your postpartum and menopausal patients and clients


80% of women will become mothers.
Every woman will go through menopause.


Yet, the curriculum health professionals are taught is lacking science-backed education about postpartum and menopause, how these transitions affect women mentally and physically, and how you can help your female patients or clients thrive.

General practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals and coaches, I know you want to help your female patients and clients thrive during postpartum, matrescence (becoming a mother) and menopause. I want that too.


Here is how I can help:

Postpartum and menopause are similar neuroendocrine (brain and hormone) transitions that affect the whole woman. That is why all of my work is also available tailored for pregnant/postpartum parents and team leaders.

Training and Consulting

I provide clear, up-to-date, science-backed, bespoke training and consulting to health professionals, as individuals or within a team.

I specialise in teaching you how menopause and/or postpartum impact a woman’s brain, mind and body and how health professionals can support their female patients or clients during these transitions.

Key topics include:

  • The science of postpartum and menopause, in particular the neuroscience.

  • How matrescence (becoming a mother) and menopause manifest and feel, and why it is different for every woman

  • Harnessing the golden window of opportunity that matrescence and menopause unlock to use the brain’s adaptability (neuroplasticity) to increase mental well-being and thrive at work and in life.

  • The overlap of menopause with matrescence and postpartum, which is a very likely reality for women who have children later in their life.

As a brain specialist and postpartum and menopause expert I am driven to provide you with information you need to educate and support your female patients and clients.


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