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“Our thoughts lie to us – we must remember that!”

As we go through matrescence – the transition from woman to mother – there are times when we will be plagued by negative thoughts.
For example: what if my baby stops breathing in the night?
Or: I should get the kids off their devices and outside more.
Or: I am a bad mother!

These thoughts will come.
However, we must be aware that they are there. Otherwise we give our subconscious negative thoughts the power to ruin our lives.

How do we prevent this?
We must take control of our mind, and thereby change our brain.

In this episode of The Tough Mothers Podcast and Tough Mothers TV you will learn:

  • ✓ Our constant internal chatter dictates the quality of our life
  • ✓  What subconscious negative thoughts are
  • ✓  To identify your true thoughts – fact vs fiction
  • ✓  How subconscious negative thinking is destructive
  • ✓  The 5 evidence-based steps you can take today to change your subconscious negative thoughts

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The struggles and triumphs of pregnancy and motherhood in a foreign country
The important take-aways from this episode are:
  • We all have subconscious thoughts  Podcast [3.27], TV [2.57]

“Subconscious thoughts, our internal chatter, is always there, which is why it is so important that what we are telling ourselves is not negative”

  • In motherhood, and during matrescence, there are neurochemical changes in the brain which make subconscious negative thinking more prevalent Podcast [4.20], TV [3.50]

Matrescence – the transition from woman to mother – is one of the most life-changing transitions a woman will ever go through.
We are changed – physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Learn to be curious and discerning about your thoughts – find the fact from fiction Podcast [5.50], TV [5.20]

“Our thoughts lie to us ALL THE TIME!”

NB. By all the time I of course do not mean EVERY TIME!

  • Subconscious negative thoughts are extremely destructive. Apart from the obvious, there are 3 main reasons why Podcast 6.37], TV [6.07]
  • For the same reasons, subconscious positive thinking is so beneficial Podcast [8.17], TV [7.43]
  • You can start to change your subconscious negative thinking TODAY, with 5 simple evidence-based steps Podcast [8.50], TV [8.20]

“We must eliminate subconscious negative thinking as much as possible for a healthy life”

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How could these potentially change your motherhood experience and life?

Leave a comment below and tell us about it! Many mums come here to find support, and your experience or story may help one of them.

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Mentions In This Episode

1. You can purchase a copy of my book which Jackie T won
I Wish Someone Had Told Me… – unspoken truths about what really happens to women during labour, childbirth and the first few weeks of motherhood

2. For neuropsychological support with your subconscious negative thoughts, and motherhood and matrescence head to

3. Learn more about Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson PhD

Mental Health Support Services

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If your country is not listed please search “Mental Health Line” in google in your country.

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