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Motherhood fears and how to overcome them – with Belinda Hughes
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In motherhood it is easy, and even socially encouraged, to put yourself last.

Society doesn’t tell mothers she must fill her cup – because you can’t pour from an empty cup. No, prioritising yourself to thrive and feel happy in motherhood is frowned upon, like the mother is selfish. So mothers don’t do it.

It isn’t selfish. It is imperative!

In this episode of MAMA, UNLEASHED! mum coach Lauren Ellis and I discuss in detail why you must prioritise yourself in motherhood and what happens if you don’t. We offer practical strategies and tools, you can modify to fit into your life and lifestyle, so you can prioritise yourself and truly thrive in motherhood and mothering.

Key takeaways from this episode of MAMA, UNLEASHED!:

♥    Prioritise real self-care: if you’re not thriving, your child won’t thrive

♥    Schedule time for you and your passions; keep it simple, make it fun and be flexible

♥    Tiny changes lead to big results

♥    Don’t use facts to make up stories about yourself and your life.

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In this episode you will learn: 

[3.30] Why we must ask all mothers: are you looking after yourself?

[7.50] We learn how to mother on the job, and that needs to change.

[10.10] Lauren’s 3 simple tips to start looking after yourself.

[15.55] Mothering is a huge task – we shouldn’t expect ourselves to mother and do everything we used to do as well.

[22.10] Why, in motherhood, it is important to find what lights you up and brings you joy as a WOMAN (not a mother!).

[27.15] Don’t underestimate the impact of little things and small changes – they significantly train your brain

[29.00] Stopping negative thought spirals using tools like these.

[37.30] Why it’s OK to be flawed.

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You can learn more from Lauren on her podcast A Happy Positive Life which is all about self-care and self-development for mothers

Learn more about how you can train your brain to truly thrive in motherhood with one of Dr Jen’s courses



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About my guest Lauren Ellis

Lauren Ellis is a mother of two with a third child on the way. She is the creator and host of A Happy, Positive Life podcast, which centres around self-care and self-development for mothers.

Lauren is also a coach for mums helping them to rediscover themselves and their passions outside of motherhood.

Through her coaching services, Lauren helps to guide women back to themselves when they’re feeling swallowed up by motherhood and provides advice and support to assist them in navigating their way through their motherhood journey.

Lauren’s mission is to teach women that they can be great mothers all while doing what they love and following their dreams.

You are not alone!

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