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Motherhood fears and how to overcome them – with Belinda Hughes

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Talking about not drinking alcohol is quite taboo. But Grey-Area Drinking Coach Sarah Rusbatch and I dared to go there in this episode of The Tough Mothers Podcast. We want you to know why alcohol is making you unhappy and anxious, how you can find your true self by putting down the bottle, and why mummy wine culture is so very damaging.
Don’t think this is a You-MUST-Stop-Drinking-Now episode. It is not! We merely share Sarah’s knowledge and our individual experiences with ditching booze, and how it has affected us and our mothering.
Key takeaways from this episode of the Tough Mothers Podcast:
♥    Taking a break from alcohol can be beneficial in more ways than one

♥    Alcohol does not make motherhood easier

♥    Your kids are affected by your drinking, even if you don’t realise it

♥    Choosing to ditch the drink will change your life

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Motherhood fears and how to overcome them – with Belinda Hughes
In this episode you will learn: 


[5.55] Many women’s drinking changes when they become mothers – alcohol becomes a reward in motherhood.

[7.15] Is alcohol self-care for mothers?

[8.00] Are you making rules around your drinking?

[9.45] Anxiety, alcohol and motherhood.

[12.50] The benefits of taking a break from drinking

[17.48] How not drinking improves your relationship with your kids

[20.00] What is a Grey-Area Drinker?

[22.10] You can have an addiction to alcohol and not be an “alcoholic”.

[23.00] How your brain changes when you drink alcohol

[25.00] Why drinking two or three times a week stops you from being your best

[26.32] Allowing yourself to face emotions without alcohol, helps you deal with them and makes you more resilient.

[30.40] How not drinking affects your kids

[33.45] The danger of mummy wine culture

[37.30] Sarah’s tips if you are worried about your drinking or are sober curious

Download Sarah’s free guide to taking a break from alcohol

See Sarah’s top resources for changing your relationship with alcohol at

The book Sarah mentioned: The Wine O’clock Myth by Lotta Dann

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A little more about my guest Sarah Rusbatch:

Sarah Rusbatch is a certified Women’s Health and Wellbeing Coach, an accredited Grey Area Drinking Coach and a keynote speaker sharing her journey to sobriety with audiences around the globe. She is also the face behind Perth’s growing Alcohol-Free Movement.

After developing what she describes as a ‘dysfunctional relationship with alcohol’, Sarah made the decision to remove alcohol from her life in early 2019 and has never looked back. She now works with women across the globe guiding them from feeling lost, stuck and out of control (something she fully understands herself), to a healthier and happier way of living. She is also the host of a thriving, global online community (The Women’s Wellbeing Collective) which offers a safe space where women feel seen and understood.


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