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The Motherhood Champagne-Glass-Tower Model

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“If you are not happy and thriving, all other parts of your life will not thrive. Including your children.”

In this episode I introduce you The Motherhood Champagne-Glass-Tower Model.

I created The Motherhood Champagne-Glass-Tower Model to visually demonstrate the importance of a mother’s “glass” being full. Because if the mother’s glass is empty, she cannot pour into other areas of her life, like her children.

Key takeaways from this episode :

♥    You are the top glass of YOUR champagne glass tower.

♥    If your glass is not full, your “champagne” cannot trickle down into other parts of your life.

♥    To be the happiest mother you know, you must keep your glass full.

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Motherhood fears and how to overcome them – with Belinda Hughes
In this episode you will learn: 


[2.03] Introducing The Motherhood-Champagne-Glass-Tower Model

[2.37] The importance of knowing you are top glass and remaining full

[3.28] Why you must fill your own glass

[4.23] Learn how to be the happiest mother you know.

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