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mastering yourself in motherhood

“It’s your journey. Do it your way.”

Motherhood is tough. Every woman will agree that motherhood, at some point, will throw you some curve balls. There is no right way to do motherhood, you just have to do it your way.

In this episode I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Tracy Newell, affectionately known as Gwamma. Tracy is a mother of 5 and a grandma, hence the nickname. Today she kindly and very deeply shares her journey through motherhood, and her wisdom of how she mastered herself in motherhood following multiple miscarriages, fertility challenges and very dark times.

After listening to this conversation, you will understand why you need to find your unique way to master yourself in motherhood. Tracy’s tips will no doubt help you along the way.

In this episode of The Tough Mothers Podcast and Tough Mothers TV you will learn:

  • ✓ How to use your challenges to drive positive change in your life.
  • ✓  The grief of losing a child never ends, it just changes.
  • ✓  There is no roadmap to motherhood, but you will find your own way.
  • ✓  How not to lose yourself in motherhood.

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When your mind is not your own – one mother bravely shares her experience with postpartum psychosis
The important take-aways from this episode are:
  • You can fall pregnant when you are breastfeeding. Let’s throw out this old wives’ tale once and for all!
  • Sometimes the medication you get to stop your breastmilk doesn’t work. This was the case for Tracy who was given medication, such as Cabergoline (Dostinex®), to stop her milk supply after her miscarriages Podcast [14.50], TV [14.20]
  • You do not have to take antidepressants! You can if you want to, but do not feel you have to. You have to process your journey your way and choose what is right for you Podcast [16.10], TV [15.40]

“Don’t discriminate others because they make a different choice. There is no right way. You must choose what is best for you.”

  • People will always give you their opinion, judge you and give you their advice when you are a mother, pregnant or trying to conceive. You don’t need to take people’s advice.

“Trust your gut! Listen to your gut.”

  • Tracy’s tips for coping during her dark times, and how she came out the other side. These are amazing! You can use them immediately Podcast [25.20], TV [24.50]
  • Natural ways to conceive – Tracy was given these tips and they worked!!!! Podcast [28.20], TV [27.50]

Photo in the heading is proof 😉. One of Tracy’s favourite photos ever.

  • Tracy’s tips for mastering yourself in motherhood Podcast [32.30], TV [32.00]

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“It’s important to work on mastering yourself in motherhood because if you are well, your baby is well. Motherhood brings out something different in all of us, yet we don’t know what that is until we have our baby.”

You are not alone in mastering yourself in motherhood.
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What insights did you have when you watched this episode?

How could these potentially change your motherhood experience and life?

Leave a comment below and tell us about it! Many mums come here to find support, and your experience or story may help one of them.

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About our guest:
Tracy Newell aka Gwamma, is an extraordinary mum of 5 and a grandmother (hence the nickname ). Tracy’s motherhood journey has been anything but smooth. Yet she has taken her challenges and used them to grow as a woman, not just a mother.

From her tough times she became a successful business owner. Tracy started Gwamma to make natural products for our babies. 100% New Zealand grown is the only wool that is used in any of Gwamma’s knitted creations.

Quilts boast either cotton, bamboo or woollen batting and either cotton or linen fabrics.
Having been the supportive wife of a sheep and beef farmer all her married life Gwamma knows how important natural fibres are against the skin. Please check out Tracy’s products at and Facebook

 Tracy, aka Gwamma, with her husband and three daughters on her middle daughter’s wedding day.

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