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When your mind is not your own – one mother bravely shares her experience with postpartum psychosis

“I thought my children wouldn’t change my life very much…”

When Kate Ryan, a successful business woman, became pregnant for the first time, she thought once her twins were born her life wouldn’t change very much. Kate is the first to admit, this is definitely not the case.

In this episode, Kate tells us about her surprise of learning she was having twins, how bringing her babies home changed her life, and how becoming a mother changed her.

Kate very beautifully shares her experience of transitioning into motherhood (a transition all mothers can relate to) and how through her challenges she found her voice as a mum and a woman.

In this episode of The Tough Mothers Podcast and Tough Mothers TV you will learn:

  • ✓ You are not alone if you feel you don’t know what you are doing in motherhood.
  • ✓  The importance of trust in yourself and others.
  • ✓  Simple, actionable steps to help with overwhelm during the transition into motherhood.
  • ✓  About your own rebirth when you have a baby.
  • ✓  Advice for new twin mums and mums expecting twins.

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When your mind is not your own – one mother bravely shares her experience with postpartum psychosis
The important take-aways from this episode are:
  • Nobody knows what they are doing when they first have a baby. It can be challenging. But there are ways that you can prepare yourself. It is important to make preparing yourself a priority. This includes learning how to speak up for yourself and your baby Podcast [12.15], TV [11.45]

The Tough Mothers courses specialise in preparing women for motherhood.

  • Thinking what it will be like having your baby at home and actually having baby at home, are two different things. And that is OK. While women often feel that they don’t know anything about babies and motherhood, nothing could be further from the truth Podcast [13.00], TV [12.30]

“All we need to know is inside ourselves, we just haven’t tapped into it yet”

  • The transition to becoming a mother is huge! You can get overwhelmed by the enormity of it. You will ask yourself: how can I do this? But you will do it. Podcast [16.35], TV [16.05]

In today’s episode you will learn simple, actionable steps to handle the overwhelm of bringing your baby home.
These can also be used throughout motherhood.

“Inch by inch, life’s a cinch; yard, by yard, life’s too hard – John Bytheway”

  • There is a common downfall amongst mothers, that Kate experienced too. Thinking: I am the only person that can care for my baby Podcast [18.13], TV [17.43]

Learn why this is a dangerous mindset, how you can break this thinking, and what you will gain when you let others help care for your baby.

  • When you have a baby, you are instantly different. You become a different person, your priorities change, everything changes Podcast [21.00], TV [20.30]

“I realize that having children can change your life – and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing!”

Matrescence – the transition from woman to mother – is one of the most life-changing transitions a woman will ever go through. We are changed – physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • When a baby is born, a mother is born– “it’s me, but it’s a new me” Podcast [21.00], TV [20.30]

“Having a baby is really like a rebirth!”

  • The two main things Kate would do, and prioritise, if she had her newborn time again Podcast [25.15], TV [24.45].

“Trust your intuition, trust the people around you, and trust yourself to advocate for yourself and your children, because they can’t advocate for themselves.”

  • Kate’s tips for new twin mums or women expecting twins Podcast [35.00], TV [34.30]

“My children helped me find my voice” 

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Mentions In This Episode

  • Learn more about the Tough Mothers courses to prepare yourself for motherhood HERE

About our guest:

Kate Ryan is a family photographer based in the Waikato in New Zealand. She loves to celebrate the joy, connection and “right now” moments of family life. As well as stopping time for a moment in beautiful family photos, she also helps parents tell the story of their family through their own everyday photos, and shows them how to create a living heirloom for their families, build on their family connection and use this process to be present and mindful in the moments that matter. Kate’s signature course, Memory Vault, will show you how.

Check it out at or find Kate on Facebook and Instagram

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