Psychologically thrive and feel happier in motherhood today!

Understanding how you change when you become a mother gives you the opportunity to truly thrive in motherhood.


My courses focus on teaching you how becoming a mother (matrescence) changes you (especially your brain and mind), and how you can utilise these changes, using science-backed tools, to train your brain and mind to thrive in motherhood, work and life.

Write Your Empowered Matrescence Plan
Prepare yourself for postpartum and thrive.

When a baby is born, so is a mother. A matrescence plan is the birth plan for YOU, the mother, because becoming a mother changes you.
In this course you will learn about matrescence and how matrescence changes you. You will learn how becoming a mother shakes you up and prepare yourself for what could come up for you. This culminates in your Empowered Matrescence Plan that will support you through matrescence and beyond.

Cost: $129 (AUD)

Harness your Motherhood Brain To Thrive
– a science-informed introduction to matrescence and the brain

2 PhD-qualified neuroscientists, psychotherapists and mothers + 1 hour of of science-backed information = An informed you, so you can thrive in motherhood.

Better understand your motherhood brain, why matrescence (becoming a mother) makes you feel “different”, and how you can train your brain to thrive in motherhood, no matter your circumstances.

This is the first webinar available that combines the knowledge and expertise of two highly trained neuroscientists to help mothers thrive in matrescence. There is nothing else like it!

Cost: $59 (AUD)

Learn one-on-one with Dr Jen

One-on-one training focuses entirely on YOU! Whether you are in postpartum or in your menopausal years (or both simultaneously), you and I work together intensively to get you thriving through it all. We delve deeply into your transition and you, and create personalised tools to train your brain and mind to thrive. These trainings are ideal for the woman who likes to get results quickly or who likes a more personal approach. Intake is by application.

Cost: Varies (AUD)

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Menopause

What All Health Professionals Need to Know to Support
Their Female Clients/Patients

The transition into menopause starts years before the last menstrual period and can profoundly impact a woman– physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

If you have clients/patients, with a menstrual history, who are in their late-30s to mid-50s, we encourage you to join us for our 2-hour webinar on the Psychology and Neuroscience of Menopause, so you can fully support your female clients/patients.

Note: This is a recording of a live webinar

Cost: $120 (AUD)


“Jen is a great thinker. Thinking laterally, broadly and creatively about what I bring; thinking out of the box which offers me ideas, perspectives and approaches I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. She comes to me as a partner who doesn’t walk away easily, believes in my potential with strong boundaries and instincts and courage. She is a truly amazing woman.”
Lydia N

“If motherhood is not what you expected or what you want it to be, you have to see Dr Jen. She is knowledgeable, nurturing and kind. Mom life is so much easier now.”
Sarah K

“Dr Jen taught me things about my brain I never knew. Working with her changed me in the most amazing way. My boys love the mummy I’ve become.”
Annabel F

“My psychological history left me frightened about what becoming a mom would reveal in me. Working with Jen allowed me to explore this and create the mommy experience I dreamed of. Every pregnant woman must do her course! Do antenatal to learn about your baby. Do Tough Mothers to learn about yourself as a mother.”
Laura D

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Understand matrescence and thrive in postpartum