I Wish Someone Had Told Me…
Paperback and E-book

I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME… – unspoken truths about what really happens to women during labour, childbirth and the first few weeks of motherhood.

Start motherhood on the front foot! Learn what 1000 mothers wish they knew about labour, childbirth and early motherhood before having their baby.

Empower yourself and be ready!

Available in Paperback and E-Book.

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“Loved Jennifer’s book, a must read, especially for any first time Mum’s, she definitely doesn’t hold back! Made me feel more comfortable knowing what I could possibly expect with the process of labour & birth. Ladies, make your partner read it too!”

Sarah P

“Wow, what a book! I am soooo glad I got my hands on it just in the knick of time before my first baby was born. Ladies (and birth partners!) you have to read this before you have your baby. Honestly! You can thank me after.”

Emmy C

“[This book] is full of gems of wisdom, eye-watering stories and hard truths. It is worth checking out just for the first chapter alone where the author describes her own childbirth. Wowsers is all I can say. Throughout it all is a complete lack of judgement and a lot of humour, just what new mothers need. There is no other book like this for expectant mothers and it should be prescribed reading everywhere. I will be recommending it to anyone who tells me they are expecting.”

Julie S

*Header image courtesy of Gold Coast Private Maternity