Episode #29: Matrescence: the gift that makes mothers superwomen (if you let it) – with Debra Summons

Episode #29: Matrescence: the gift that makes mothers superwomen (if you let it) – with Debra Summons

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Imagine if every mother knew that she will go through a development transition – matrescence – when she becomes a mother, and that this would change her immensely.

Now, imagine if she had the information and knowledge to use her motherhood transformation to step into her power and truly thrive.

Matrescence – becoming a mother – is this transition. And not only do we not talk about the fact that we change when we become mothers, we don’t tell mothers that her matrescence journey may be her greatest gift.

Until today!

In this very special first episode of MAMA, UNLEASHED! I speak with powerhouse mum of three, entrepreneur and business owner Debra Summons. Deb very honestly shares her journey and struggles with becoming a mum, how not knowing about matrescence affected her experience, and how she now thanks the gift and opportunities she found in her suffering.

If you are struggling, feeling lost, unfulfilled or unsatisfied in motherhood, or just wondering “who am I now I’m a mum”, this episode is for you.
You are not alone!

Key takeaways from this episode of MAMA, UNLEASHED!:

    We must educate every mother about matrescence BEFORE she has her baby so she can be prepared for the changes within herself.

♥    Matrescence can be our greatest gift of personal power.

♥    Motherhood is just one hat we wear as women; we can’t let it consume us.

♥    It’s important to see our transition into, and our privilege of, motherhood, not as an imposition, but an opportunity to become our happiest self.

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In this episode you will learn: 


[4.18] Why we underestimate the new frontier of motherhood.

[5.40] Matrescence can begin when we start planning for a baby – how does that affect women?

[9.53] The postpartum period would be different for mothers if we focused more on educating the mother on how she will change during matrescence.

[12.05] Holding onto the pre-baby-you as you’re journeying through matrescence and becoming post-baby-you.

[15.10] Matrescence manifests differently for every woman, every time she has a baby. Hear Deb’s experience.

[22.00] Is it matrescence or postpartum depression? Also listen to episode 28 for more on this.

[27.20] Why we must differentiate between paid work and unpaid work

[32.15] “I wanted to be doing something I wasn’t doing”.

[39.50] The importance of putting yourself first in motherhood to thrive.

[41.55] If we can see motherhood as a privilege and an opportunity, rather than an imposition, it changes everything.

[54.10] The power is in going through matrescence – we have a duty to talk about it.


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“In Good Luck to you Leo Grande, Nancy [Emma Thompson] openly tells Leo [Daryl McCormack] that her children do not fulfill her.
She loves them, of course, but their existence is not enough to make her feel as if she has lived a fulfilled life and so she is left wondering about all the other things she could have done had she known there was a life outside the set path of motherhood.” – Laura Brodnik in Mamamia

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About my guest Debra Summons

Debra Summons is a multi-talented mum of three teenagers who “fell out” of her paid career and into the unpaid, indescribably difficult yet joyful world of domestic work and motherhood.

For 10 years she nurtured her children and her husband’s career. Feeling unsatisfied, worthless and ultimately bored in her new role, Deb courageously sought to find balance in her life and to discover her purpose outside of being a mum.

Today, Deb supports talented, purpose-driven indiviuals, including mothers, to find their balance and create amazing businesses.

You are not alone!

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